‘I bunked off school in Folkestone to get there in time. My sister and brother-in-law took the place of the 2 friends who’d chickened out, and we were sitting up in the gods on the right of the stage. I remember the crowds rushing to the front as soon as it started!’

Our venues have staged over 150 years of groundbreaking, innovative programming. Converted into a performance space in 1867, audiences have enjoyed a dazzling array of artists, dancers, musicians, actors and directors. From legends such as Harold Pinter, Maya Angelou, Muddy Waters, Ella Fitzgerald, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen to modern legends such as Royal Blood, ABBA and Bonobo.

The rebuild is a brilliant opportunity to illuminate the diversity of our programming and to showcase the world’s leading artists that have passed through our doors.

We’ve been asking our audiences to get in touch with memories, ticket stubs, pictures, posters or brochures. You can also dedicate a seat for yourself or a loved one in our new Corn Exchange or Studio Theatre.

Submit your memory here rhiannon@brightondome.org to tell us about your special moments.